Friday, August 24, 2012

Am I glad that I am me?

Analytical Instrumenation class... 11:20 AM 24th Aug 2012...

    A girl listens to the lecture. I notice something written on her pouch " I'm glad I'm me!". That raises 2 questions: Am I? Are we? I never really gave much thought to it. What part of myself I call me? Appearance? Knowledge? Character? All the above? I have no idea.

    But I can answer this question. What differentiates me from others? A constant feeling that forces me to move forward towards my goal. This feeling defines me. Am I glad? NO... I'm indifferent. I'm OK with what I am for now. I'm not satisfied and I strongly believe that I'll never be. Enough about question 1.

    Are we glad with what we are? What are the parameters to be considered in judging whether a person is happy or not? People say that these parameters vary from person to person and is inappropriate to judge a person to be happy or not, based on the parameters that we consider for judging ourselves. Thats what people say. What i think? I think thats BS.

    Whenever I see happy people, I consider them trapped inside the matrix. I believe that everyone lives inside their own matrix believing that they are happy. Happiness is a myth and people who believe in myth and lies, live in the matrix.

             So, Am I glad?

                        Thats a stupid question...